Thursday, November 4th at 09:00 GMT
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Picturehouse Central, Corner of Great Windmill Street and Shaftesbury Avenue Piccadilly London W1D 7DH

CX Circle

Grab your popcorn because we’re heading to the movies! From award-winning experimentation and personalisation tactics to red carpet-worthy web optimisations and accessibility tips – this all-day event will keep you on the edge of your cinema seat.

The Future is Now: A Vision of a Multiplatform Personalisation with Avon

With over 130 years of experience, Avon cosmetics is one of the largest beauty companies in the world. So what led its team to identify the potential and urgency of personalisation and its promising impact on the continuous success of their business?

As the term ‘Personalisation’ is becoming increasingly common among brands and retailers, many e-commerce professionals still aren’t sure where to start. In this session Matt Cummings, Avon’s Head of Commerce Trading, will walk through how his team went from realisation to personalisation; what challenges it faces as a multi-platform business, the first steps down the personalisation path, and what Avon’s vision is for a tailor-made shopping experience.
Meet our speaker: 

Matt Cummings, Head of Digital Trading Western Europe, Avon
Matt is the Head of Digital Trading for Western Europe at Avon – he is an experienced eCommerce leader with over ten years of industry experience and a passion for working across multiple teams to drive quantifiable improvements.

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