Tuesday, June 15th at 1pm EST

Mobile Commerce: Closing the Gaps in the Customer Experience

We live in a mobile world and eCommerce is no exception. Join Corra, Dynamic Yield, Klaviyo, Klevu, and Threekit as we explore how to better reach customers on the go.

In these five sessions, you’ll learn how and why to implement a strategy around progressive web apps, how optimization and personalization drive revenue, how incorporating SMS into your strategy will help your business grow, why 3D and AR are moving the mark with mobile, and how product discovery will drive higher conversion rates.

During a session from Dynamic Yield’s CMO, Yaniv Navot, learn why customers feel increasingly frustrated by lackluster mobile web experiences and how the mobile experience can be optimized and personalized to help drive higher conversions and revenue.

Join us on June 15th at 1 PM EST when all sessions go live.

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